Membership Update – May 29, 2016

leaf-hat-v2Thank you for joining and showing support for the National Police Federation (NPF) as we move closer to becoming the certified bargaining agent for members of the RCMP.We write to you today to provide updates on Bill C-7, our membership drive and how you can help.

Bill C-7:
As many of you know, Bill C-7 was tabled by Parliament in early March and has some serious flaws, such as:

  • Moving Regular Members from our current Occupational Health coverage to Provincial Workers Compensation Boards (WCB); and
  • Numerous items that are excluded from collective bargaining, such as harassment, discipline, transfers, resourcing etc…

On behalf of all members of the NPF and RCMP, on April 14th, we appeared before the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security and spoke to the above flaws in an attempt to have them corrected. We had a partial win with the removal of the WCB portion from the Bill, but the exclusions to collective bargaining still remain.

Since Bill C-7 returned to the House of Commons, we have continued to meet with MP’s and advocate for motions to delete these exclusions, to no avail.

We anticipate the Bill to pass third reading the week of May 30th, it will then be referred to the Senate, most probably the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence.
We have already met with a number of Senators who sit on that committee and it is anticipated that we will be appearing to give evidence the week of June 6th.

Based on our early discussions with these Senators, we believe they share our concerns about Bill C-7 and the exclusions to bargaining. We are cautiously optimistic that once their review is complete and all witnesses have been heard, that they will make reasonable amendments, then refer the bill back to Parliament for further debate.

We are presently finalizing our submission to the Senate and will make that available once complete.

Membership drive:
The NPF continues to grow in size. Since starting on March 20, 2016 (a short 10 weeks ago) – we have attracted over 1,800 serving regular members to our ranks and new members are joining every day.

But we need your help. We need you to share the NPF message with your friends and co-workers – perhaps even sit them down, explain to them that NPF is the most experienced, well researched and credible team to advance their collective workplace issues. Some members may even require your help to guide them through the membership application on our web page.

We have attached our latest NPF Fact Sheet to share and educate the membership about where we are and how we got here.

If every one of us can add 2 members to our ranks in the next 30 days, we can be in a solid position to be able to apply for certification by end of summer.

Town Halls:
We are planning a number of Town Halls across the country in the next 30 days, exact dates and locations to follow on our Facebook page, some probable locations we are considering at the moment, more to come:

June 5-7 – Ottawa and Cornwall, Ontario;
June 12-15 – Prince Rupert, Terrace and Prince George, British Columbia;
June 21-24 – Grande Prairie, Edmonton and Leduc, Alberta.

This is our RCMP and it is our future. We all see the advantages of the NPF, let’s make it happen.

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