Members Across Canada Urge Québec Colleagues to Join NPF

Over the last two weeks, 675 NPF members signed their names to a letter to their colleagues in Québec, urging them to join NPF to help all RCMP members across Canada achieve strong, focused national representation.

The letter, and all 675 colleagues’ names, are posted here. Please share it with your colleagues in Québec, as we’re sending it to all existing NPF members. The letter says:

Your RCMP brothers and sisters are reaching out to ask that you join us in establishing a strong, united and national voice for all who serve Canadians.

While we live and work in sometimes vastly different regions and communities across Canada, we have all sworn and live by the same oaths. And we are all facing significant resource, training and compensation shortages in our respective units and detachments that have gone on far too long.

Right now, we have no representation and, unless we create change, these shortages will drag on for years to come.

Recently, the labour board determined that all members will be able to exercise their right to vote on certifying the National Police Federation as our labour representative body. That vote will take place this spring.

Yet, the Quebec Mounted Police Members Association is stalling and delaying the count of this vote with ponderous legal tactics.

To help drive positive and necessary change, we’re asking you and our colleagues in Québec to do two things:

  1. Please join the National Police Federation. Click here [] to join.
  2. Ask the QMPMA to stop delaying certification and real positive change for RCMP members. You can email them here [].

We will continue to update on the certification vote as we know more in the coming weeks.


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