Mandatory Annual Leave Payout Email

The NPF was contacted by many members on April 25 regarding a generic email from National Compensation Services advising of a mandatory payout for annual leave hours in excess of 400 hours.

The NPF has written to D/Comm. Dubeau (link to letter) and asked him to ensure the terms of his February 2017 email broadcast (link to email) are adhered to with all unwanted HRMIS transactions rescinded and the member’s AOL balances credited.

D/Comm. Dubeau has responded that RCMP management is suspending all HRMIS AOL payouts pending a review of the NPF request.

The NPF believes the RCMP should abide by its original intent of providing members 5 years to reduce their AOL hours and should a member want to be paid out a portion, that request should be unit or Division specific and that request should come from the member.

We will update on this issue as more information comes available.


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