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June Bargaining Update

Re: June Bargaining Update

Following up on my last update on bargaining on June 10, I met last week with the Chief Human Resources Officer of the Treasury Board (TB), Nancy Chahwan, followed by a meeting this past week with Minister Jean-Yves Duclos,  President of the Treasury Board.

In both meetings, I asserted our desire for the Treasury Board bargaining team to approach negotiations with the NPF through a “policing” lens rather than their traditional “public servant-union” lens. The NPF represents front-line police officers who provide a very unique, specialized and high-risk service locally, regionally and nationally. Our collective agreement should be competitive to other police organizations, not other public service unions.

Treasury Board’s bargaining team has had over 11 months since NPF was certified to research and prepare their proposal. NPF has been prepared and willing to exchange proposals with them for many weeks but due to the challenges related to Covid-19 restrictions and disruption we were unable to do so until this past week.

The NPF Collective Bargaining Committee is now tasked with reviewing all that is contained within the TB proposal. The NPF team met the day after we received the proposal to determine which NPF priorities are similar to those of TB and also to determine where we are not aligned. This will entail some additional research and data analysis to inform a thoroughly considered and presented NPF position on various provisions. The NPF will then prepare a fulsome response to the TB proposal, supporting our initial package. There is much work to do and our team is well-staffed, resourced, and tasked.

As we have updated previously, the NPF will respect the confidentiality of the bargaining process to ensure meaningful and good faith discussions with TB at the bargaining table.

We are in this to make sure you get fair and equitable compensation, benefits, and resources.

We look forward to meaningful negotiations from a police perspective with Treasury Board’s bargaining team over the coming months, as committed by both the President of the Treasury Board and their Chief Human Resources Officer.  You are among the best cops anywhere and you deserve no less.

Canada Day is fast approaching and NPF has created a tribute video that we are promoting nationally, locally and through our social media channels. I hope you’ll enjoy and share this story and celebration of the RCMP’s rich and respected history, and our commitment to positive progress for both Members and the communities you serve. Thank you for all you do for our country. Happy Canada Day to you, whether you’re enjoying the day with family and friends, or serving our country.

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