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As you may have heard or read, many members of the RCMP are staging a passive protest of government’s long-promised but inadequate new pay package by removing or covering the yellow stripe on their uniform blue – while still serving their communities.

The NPF supports all members’ right to protest. Although the NPF’s resources are limited at this time, we are over 4,600 members strong and growing hourly – and together we will do all we can to have your back; if you or any of your colleagues are reprimanded or penalized for this protest, please contact us at

Members are telling us the no-stripe campaign is about more than pay.  It’s also about:

  • An 8 year effective pay freeze and the related uncertainty for members and their families for almost a decade, followed by a surprise announcement of a pay package well below inflation;
  • The lack of human, equipment and supply resources that requires field-level RCMP to manage and mitigate risk to colleagues and communities;
  • Rising detachment attrition rates with no clear plan to improve or increase recruitment;
  • Inconsistent and even prosecutorial use of the disciplinary process to effectively “manage by Code of conduct”;
  • The delays by Government to respond to Bill C-7 which will provide the framework for RCMP members to form an association;
  • The RCMP’s imposition on an internal communication ban regarding any information about associations and organizing;
  • And ongoing overtime that creates unacceptable and unsustainable working schedules for the members affected and their families

In summary, this pay package exemplifies an ongoing abuse of RCMP members’ “esprit de corps” and our shared belief that members will get the job done because of our passion for the RCMP, our country and our communities.

RCMP members are exceptional and committed men and women, but we also have responsibilities to our families and ourselves.

This no-stripe movement is an admirable and passive expression of our discontentment with the ongoing lack of respect and appropriate compensation demonstrated by RCMP leadership and government.

We have a unique and imminent opportunity to broadcast our dissatisfaction directly to the RCMP executive as well as local, provincial and federal Governments.

Depending on members’ actions, we can preserve this dysfunctional and disrespectful status quo or elect an effective national voice to represent members across Canada to improve pay, resources, overtime. and support when times get tough.

Here are three other things you can do …

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  2. Share this information with your colleagues.
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12 thoughts on “Join the No-Stripe Campaign – Make Your Voice Heard

  1. I think the bear has awoken gentlemen. I want to preserve this movememt and ensure that guys like myself you joined on board soon after NPF was formed. Please ensure to communicate with the members if there any potential issues surrounding the booming membership numbers. That will ensure that openess is foremost…and we maintain the trust of the members.

    Great job gents! Keep er’ going.

  2. Terrace BC is losing their stripes. Many of the probationary member are hesitant, but coming around. I would encourage everyone to write to their MP and push the issues. You can find them on the Parliament website. Keep up the fight. We need these Bills passed.

  3. I am in my 38th year as an RCMP member, this is by my count, the fourth time where the membership falls way behind as far as pay and benefits are concerned. The first time was in the early 1980 when there was, I think for the first time the threat of an association and pressure tactics put on our government by not issuing traffic tickets in some of the provinces. The second time was in the late 80s early 90s when under the Mulroney government we suffered of the pay freeze; the difference in pay in a few years with our brothers of other major police forces amounted to a “brand new car”. The next time was in the early 2000s when after many months/years of negotiations the DSSR finally had the federal government agree to keep the compensation of RCMP members within the first three highest paid police forces of the “Police universe”. Well it did not take long for that promise to be broken and we are now finding ourselves in the position we now are.
    I am retiring in a few months and I have seen our benefits gone way down from where we were originally; the pay cheque is far below that of other major police forces, my pension package will definitely suffers.
    If the boycotting of the yellow stripes does not have the desired effects I, for one, would consider,
    taking advantage of a unique opportunity to send a strong statement, by declining to wear the Red Serge at events marking the 150th Anniversary of Canada. I know this would be noticed within and outside the country.
    Pierre Robitaille Fort Good Hope Detachment

  4. I am saddened with the lack of leadership that is within this outfit … It starts from the promotion process that is on the backs of other members for supposed leaders to talk about how they righted a wrong within the work place.

    Not All of the Leaders are bad!!!

    I served 13 years as a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces. (all combat units and NOT as an military Police)
    To become a leader one has to undergo a training process that needs to be passed in order to recieve that promotion. OR in time of combat.. Others take the ultamate sacrifice on the battlefield and you eventually get a promotion if you so survive!

    I have found within this outfit that I have had to at least several times prove that I was not doing something wrong because some follower was looking for a compaticy.. when trying to defend my honour I was once threatened to be charged with a code of conduct…. I have been charged once for that and I deserved it.. But I will not let some follower taint me as a problem child so that that individual can become a leader in an invironmennt that needs team members, and the proper Leaders!

    When the bullets are flying Members need to know that they are going to be treated and respected for doing what was though necessary at the time.. “better to be tried by 12, than carried by 6”.
    I have found that most people who want to promote on the backs of thier team mates tend to shy away from any real conflicts that might injure, kill or be hazardous to thier health.

    I have experienced being within some of the isolated communities we serve, the respect Members have earned while being within.. while serving these communities. A good Community Member in the North is very respected, and there are many! With this comes many sacrifices.

    Also.. Bully Management is not a decent portrayal of Leadership. I have seen this over, and over again… Our job invironment needs to have each other watching over each other and not fighting with each other!

    The lack of ecquipment, The lack of pay, as well as the lack of funding for detachments and Units!! Plus.. The lack of a balanced work schedule (understandably when there is a lack of Members) and the lack of support from this outfit has me tired of trying to find any Esprit Des Corps .
    Not really the honourable RCMP’s fault.. But the fault of the members within who have tarnished the Valor of this Strong unit. And sadly the Members (past & present) who have given their all in all communities within Canada and Overseas!

    This outfit is in need of dire change!!

    Thank you for the time you have put in to look after our concerns!! Much Appreciated!!

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