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New RCMP union hopes to start salary bargaining by mid-March

January 7, 2020

The head of the new union for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police says he hopes to be at the bargaining table in just a few weeks, kicking off a process that could see policing costs rise in much of the country. Read the full article here:

Kitimat won’t be affected by provincial RCMP budget cuts

December 7, 2019

Kitimat RCMP’s acting detachment commander said Kitimat is unlikely to be affected by the projected provincial budget shortfall of $10.7-million budget shortfall in the force’s provincial budget. Read the full article here:

The Globe and Mail – The RCMP’s first union elects its leaders, and sets pay, human-resource levels, benefits as top priorities

November 19, 2019

The RCMP has chosen union leaders from its ranks for the first time, a move that sets the stage for labour negotiations that could increase policing costs in communities across Canada. Read the full article here:

Surrey RCMP doesn’t expect big hit in light of projected $10M cut in B.C. budget

November 16, 2019

Surrey RCMP’s operating budgets “will not be touched” despite a projected $10-million cut for RCMP’s policing costs in B.C. The RCMP must cut more than $10 million from its policing costs in B.C., as first reported by the Vancouver Sun after obtaining a copy of an email from the province’s top Mountie, Deputy Commissioner Jennifer…

Mounties first ever union just elected a president — and now they’re looking for a raise

November 14, 2019

Mounties make less than officers in most municipal forces right across the country, with a starting annual salary of $53,144 for an RCMP officer. Read the full article here:

National Police Federation wins right to represent Mounties in collective bargaining

July 12, 2019

Supreme Court in 2015 struck down law that forbade Mounties from unionizing. Read the entire story here:  

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