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Globe & Mail Feature story

Globe & Mail story “The Thin Red Line: Is Contract Policing Unsustainable?”

You may have read or heard a front-page feature story in the Globe & Mail over the weekend comparing municipal police forces to contract RCMP policing, focusing primarily on BC’s Lower Mainland.

While the article doesn’t come to any specific conclusions on sustainability, it does highlight the issues you experience every day:  resource and people shortages, and unacceptably low compensation relative to our neighbouring colleagues in municipal forces.

The supporting data clearly demonstrates that the RCMP provides the lowest policing cost per capita, highest population per officer (with a couple of exceptions) and highest case loads, while also finding mixed offenses per capita and mixed clearance rates.

One of the reporters, Colin Freeze, shadowed NPF and attended several member townhalls to learn more about our challenges and the benefits of national representation through NPF.

We reach out to media regularly to share what we’re doing and how we’re progressing on certification and this was part of that effort. There’s a huge upside when we get positive media coverage because it reaches not only our members and colleagues but also key decision makers in Ottawa and locally. While we can’t control what the media say, we do our best to present our point of view and information clearly and factually.

While this story isn’t perfect, we think it is helpful in shining a spotlight on our issues to a national audience and we hope those in power will take note.

In the meantime, we had very productive meetings with legal counsel and our police association governance experts over the weekend and hope to have an update on timing from FPSLREB soon. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments.

We’ll continue to update you on our certification progress. In the meantime, here are three other things you can do to help.

  1. Join the NPF.  Click here.
  2. Share this information with your colleagues.
  3. Stay informed by downloading our app on iTunes or Google Play. (You don’t need to join or share your personal email to use our app.)


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