FPSLREB accepts NPF motion to join applications

As previously updated on July 21, the NPF filed a motion with the Federal Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB, note they have a new longer name post Bill C-7) to adjoin the QMPMA and NPF applications for certification. This would enable the FPSLREB to eliminate the need to have multiple hearings on essentially the same issues with the same witnesses and accelerate what continues to be a long process.

We are pleased to report that the FPSLREB has accepted the NPF motion (FPSLREB reply). Submissions have now been made by the NPF, QMPMA and the CPA. You can read these submissions here:

NPF submission;
QMPMA submission (translated from French);
CPA submission.
Treasury Board (DOJ) response.

Additionally, the NPF would like to thank the CPA for their continued support in achieving a single, national bargaining unit for all members of the RCMP, regardless of posting. This is in keeping with the NPF’s principles of representation, one unified voice for all members.

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