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Frank McLaughlin For Regional Director - B Division - Atlantic Region

President Nominations

Charles Mancer

Patrick Mehain

Brian Sauve


Vice-President Nominations

Michelle Boutin

Peter Merrifield

Dennis Miller

Denis Simard


Regional Director Nominations

Atlantic Region

L or J Divisions (1 position)

Pat Bouchard

Michael Magee

H or B Divisions (1 position)

Jim Clifford

Frank McLaughlin

Sandra McNaughton

James Smith


Central Region

O Division (1 position)

Urbano Ciccarelli

Patrick Flannery

Paul Glennie

Tim Pettit

Thomas Tokarewicz

John White

C Division (1 position)

Stephane Laframbois - Acclaimed

NHQ or National (A) Divisions (1 position)

Marc-André Fournier

Steve Madden

Joel Welch


Prairie & North Region

D Division (1 position)

Randy Belmore

Bobby Baker

F or T Divisions (1 position)

Morgan Buckingham

Trevor Ellis

Hugh Gordon

M or V or G Divisions (1 position)


K Division (2 positions)

Kevin Halwa

Gary Hollender

Jeff McGowan


Pacific Region

E Division (3 positions)

Tom Almasi

Trevor Dinwoodie

Rob Farrer

Suzanne Fehlauer

Brian O'Callaghan

Claude Paterson

Lloyd Pinsent

Jeff Swann

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