Defining positions NPF will represent and ongoing efforts to unite with AMPMQ

“Who’s In and Who’s Out?”

One the most important decisions in any certification effort is which positions are included and which are excluded from representation. Employers typically want to minimize the number of positions that are represented to minimize the representative’s bargaining power.

Treasury Board has proposed over 1,100 member positions they believe should be excluded from the bargaining agent as they believe these positions are “managerial” or “confidential” in nature. The NPF has sought guidance and assistance of the Canadian Police Association, who have extensive knowledge in this area. The CPA have advised that in most if not all police forces in Canada, there are rarely any excluded positions and the association represents all members. This is not the case in public service unions, which have excluded positions.

The NPF has responded to Treasury Board asserting that the RCMP should be compared to other police services rather than public service organizations; therefore, our position on this matter is that all members should be included as all members need and deserve representation. We anticipate this issue will head to mediation in the coming months and we will update you as it progresses.

Ongoing Discussions with QMPMA

The NPF has again sent correspondence to the President of the QMPMA asking for them to unite with all members to bring a strong unified voice. As we updated on June 1, 2017 (link to update) the QMPMA has intervened with the PSLREB in the NPF application for certification. This is their right as an employee organization that has an interest in the outcome but, unfortunately, it will create a delay in our certification process. At present, continued meaningful discussions are ongoing to find common ground and create a unified front.

We’ll continue to update you on our certification progress.

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