Correspondence with CO of BC and PSLREB decisions on intervention

NPF asks CO of BC to support member safety in wildfire situations, and halt excessive VOT
As our membership continue to be deployed to different parts of BC to assist in the wildfire effort, the NPF wrote to the Commanding Officer of BC, D/Comm. Brenda Butterworth-Carr, to express our concern and seek her support for the provision of safety equipment, adequate rest and resources for those deployed. You can read that letter here.

In addition to the health and safety concerns addressed in this letter, we expressed our concerns over continued requests for members to provide Voluntary Overtime for different community events across the province.

NPF files motion with PSLREB to join Quebec’s and NPF’s applications

There is a section of Bill C-7 which has now become law that requires the bargaining agent for members of the RCMP to be a single national unit. To that end, the NPF has filed a motion (view motion here) with the PSLREB to join both the NPF and QMPMA applications for quick review by the PSLREB to decide if either or both groups meet the definition of an “appropriate bargaining unit” under Bill C-7.

This motion, if accepted, will allow for written submissions by each group to support the PSLREB in making a determination earlier if one or both applications should proceed. We await the PSLREB’s response.

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