Legal Counsel
Remote (Canada)

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Summary of the Role

As directed by the Director of Legal Service, the Legal Counsel will offer strategic legal counsel and interpretation to the Labor Relations Officers and staff, while serving as the representative of the National Police Federation in assigned legal cases.

On a daily basis, the Legal Counsel will be providing advice on labour and employment matters by investigating and analyzing emerging trends related to the Collective Agreement, assessing their impact on the NPF and its Members, and evaluating the importance for existing interpretations, policies, and procedures. You will be responsible for providing comprehensive legal support to the organization both as an employer and an entity. This will include offering legal guidance on bylaws, policies, and other pressing issues that arise on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. In addition, you will support the staff directors from an advisory stance, to ensure that their initiatives are carried out in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The NPF has made significant strides in strengthening its in-house legal capacity, enabling a more strategic, deliberate, and effective triage of member-related cases. As the Legal Counsel, you will be tasked with receiving, categorizing, reviewing, and addressing labour and employment cases involving NPF members. Your responsibilities include selecting and directing external legal counsel, as deemed necessary, to provide the most comprehensive and effective support to members, particularly in the context of potential adjudication. You will play a key role in advising and guiding the grievance process, including arbitration, and directing the NPF’s external counsel on the resolution of referred cases.

As a Legal Counsel, you will play a critical role in ensuring that the NPF and its membership are well-equipped with relevant legal information and documentation to handle any issues that may arise. You will prepare legal information and conduct training for staff on relevant legislation, policies, legal cases, and precedents. You will draft submissions, represent the NPF in administrative tribunals and courts, and facilitate both formal and informal dispute resolution processes. Your expertise and commitment to advancing member interests will be instrumental for you to make a meaningful impact in this role.