The Canada Labour Code Moncton Trial – Tracking Violations

On behalf of all NPF members, we extend our gratitude to colleagues and their families who are supporting the members of the RCMP and the families of the fallen as they go through this trial. This must be causing unimaginable and renewed pain and stress, and will inevitably have a significant impact on those involved. The RCMP is one big family, so please take care of your brothers and sisters and reach out for support if you feel you would benefit.

This trial will also have definitive impacts on the future of the RCMP and the safety of the members who serve.

To lay the groundwork for future discussions with our employer, we would like to solicit input from the membership regarding unsafe or hazardous work environments. While we are aggressively pursuing the right to become your collective voice, this information will form the basis of future negotiations.

We have created a dedicated email account: where we invite you and your colleagues to report incidents such as expired kit (SBA) not being replaced, AFQ not being provided or unsafe manpower levels being risk managed, among others.

The Canada Labour Code is a powerful tool in keeping our employer accountable when members know how and where to report these incidents. Form 3414 is a “hazardous occurrence” form and should be completed for any hazardous occurrence or even a near miss. This is an important tool to help us look out for one another to hopefully prevent future injuries and tragic losses.

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