Bill C-7 Senate approval and NPF Membership Cards

We are pleased to announce that Bill C-7 has passed the Senate and now awaits the Governor General’s Royal Assent to become law.

This legislation will support the establishment of an effective framework for your new RCMP association once we achieve certification. We do have some concerns about the expanded management rights clause and how that will be employed by the RCMP or Treasury Board at the bargaining table, but we are confident that should our employer stretch the boundaries of this clause, we now have the ability to appeal to the PSLREB to establish the rules of the game and their decisions are binding. While it’s unfortunate this legislation has taken over a year to pass, this is a very positive and welcome step.

Many of you have received your NPF cards in the mail. If you haven’t, it is on it’s way. Please note that this card is not meant to be carried with you or kept in your wallet: it is meant to be kept safe and secure in your home or safety deposit box. Your card contains all the information you provided us and that is required by the PSLREB. It will also make a fine memento of this historic time in the RCMP.

One thought on “Bill C-7 Senate approval and NPF Membership Cards

  1. This is still awesome news. Keep up the solid job you guys are doing. Brian, my hat goes off to you for fighting the fight. You fought hard for our benefits when you were a Div Rep and you are still carrying the torch. Keep up the great work you are doing.

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